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Episode 7 - Video 1
Dr. Edward F. Group & Dr. Thomas Lewis

There's more where this came from!

Episode 7 - Video 2
Tammy Kohlschmidt & Dr. Cynthia Foster


It's never been easier to protect yourself (and your loved ones) from the "hidden" causes of cancer.

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17 "Bonus" Presentations From the
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Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM(P)

1. Healing with Chlorine Dioxide
2. Naturopathic Approach to Cancer
3. The Value of Hydrogen Medicine

Nathan Goodyear, MD, MDH

4. Avoid Cancer Checklist
5. Hormone Alert
6. Vital Cancer Message

Ronald Hunninghake, MD

7. Breast Cancer Alert
8. How to Heal Naturally

Thomas Lodi, MD,

9. Eating to Kill Cancer
10. Limitations of Conventional Care

Dr. Robert DeMaria

11. Water Dangers

Thomas Lewis, PhD

12. Anti-Infection Game Plan

David “Avocado” Wolfe

13. Medicinal Mushrooms

Dr. Brian Mowll

14. The Insulin-Cancer Link

Edward F. Group, DC, NP

15. Avoid These Detox Mistakes

Dana Flavin, MD (Prof.)

16. Eliminating Cancer Cells with LDN

Tammy Kohlschmidt, RDH, CCT, CBP

17. Uncovering Hidden Cancer Triggers

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Stop Cancer:
28 Day Detox and Healing Plan

by Cynthia Foster, MD

This 400-page book is a labor of love for all those concerned about cancer.  Jam-packed with natural and holistic answers for cancer, you’re about to discover the secrets behind using your bathtub, shower, kitchen, therapeutic foods and herbs to activate your self-healing mechanisms.  You will also learn powerful breathing techniques, emotional release techniques, and visualizations to build up the vital life force in your body, release the emotional roots of your cancer and heal yourself from traumas that have led you to develop cancer.  

Stop Cancer Naturally: 50 Anti-Cancer Foods, Nutrients and Lifestyle Tips

In this bonus book, you will discover many “superfoods,” vitamins, minerals and herbs that can promote the health of your vital body systems. These powerful nutrients can help you maintain a strong immune defense against pathogens, carcinogens, and toxins.  Find out how these scientifically valid natural cancer fighting foods and nutrients can reduce your cancer risk and even help to destroy cancer cells – safely and effectively. 

The Healing Kitchen

with Linda Kordich

The Healing Kitchen will show you how to remove unwanted toxins from the body, increase energy levels and restore your health – physically, mentally and emotionally.  This 4-part program featuring Jonathan Landsman and Linda Kordich includes a powerful presentation on how to set up a healing kitchen in your home; a video guide on the best way to create liver and kidney cleansing juices plus TWO amazing eBooks that outline everything you need to know about getting started on a natural healing journey.

Stop Cancer for Dogs and Cats:
6-Part Series 

with Marlene Siegel, DVM

This special program dives deep into how your dog or cat (and you!) can reduce the risk of cancer naturally. Inside this 6-part series, you'll discover the most significant toxins that your pets are exposed to; the right kind of nutrition your pet needs; urgent warnings (and solutions) linked to digestive problems; an emotional look at how your feelings can affect your pets + vital information about how to properly remove pet toxins that cause disease.

Cancer is an Infectious Disease

by Thomas J. Lewis, PhD and Michael L. Carter, MD

Discover how approaching cancer as an infectious disease has initiated new methods to prevent and reverse cancer.  This fabulous book pushes back the curtain and reveals how infections trigger cancer cell growth.  You’ll learn about the value of biomarkers, the truth about white blood cell counts plus much more to help you determine your ‘cancer risk score’ to stop cancer in its tracks, before it’s too late.

Sodium Bicarbonate: Rich Man's Poor Man's Cancer Treatment

by Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM(P)

Get the book that shocked the medical establishment!  See how a substance as available and inexpensive as sodium bicarbonate could outperform the most expensive pharmaceuticals. The future of medicine is being changed - and not by the pharmaceutical industry - but, instead, Mother Nature.  This is the first full medical review of sodium bicarbonate in the history of medicine; this book will forever change the way you think about baking soda, the way we practice medicine and the way we take care of our children.  See how sodium bicarbonate helps to save countless lives every day! 

The Gonzalez Protocol eGuide

by Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez

These general guidelines include Dr. Gonzalez’s easy to understand advice on basic recommended supplements, simple detoxification routines, how to have a healthy, non-toxic home and the importance of spirituality.

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